State Certified Security Officer Training

Level II: Required 8 hours of classroom training for (unarmed) non-commissioned officers. Course Covers;
Level III: Required 30 hours of classroom and range training. Upon completion of this course, the officer is allowed to carry an exposed firearm on duty as a commissioned officer. Course covers the following subjects;

  • Criminal and civil liability
  • Laws of arrest
  • Use of force options
  • Shoot – Don't Shoot scenarios
  • Firearm safe handling techniques
  • Firearm maintenance
  • Firearm proficiency
Level IV: Required 15 hours of classroom training.  Upon course completion and passing a psychological examination, the commissioned officer will be licensed to be a Personal Protection Officer (PPO).  Course covers the following;

  • Learn how to protect dignitaries, entertainment icons, sports figures, and executive clientele
  • Advanced planning, threat assessments and tactics
  • Concealed weapons carry considerations
  • Weaponless self-defense


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