Specialized Training Courses

Impact Security Training Center provides tailor designed training courses for your Company and your Security Officer's needs.

Tactical Communications – Verbal Judo
4 Hours

Understand and utilize the techniques of diffusing and redirection of anger in a potentially dangerous situation.  The use of body language and tactical communication will enhance your professional demeanor and ability to handle critical situations.

Case Law and Legal Liability Law
4-6-8 Hours

Familiarize yourself with current law (law made by decisions from the appellate courts) that affects the everyday work of a security officer.  The instructor will concentrate on the use of force, legal detention and negligent conduct.

Drugs and Narcotics Awareness & Identification
6-8 Hours

Recognize and identify the types of drugs and narcotics and the symptoms of using a controlled substance.  Clandestine labs will be covered for the pro-active protection of the officer and a call or patrol

Officer Survival
8 Hours

Learn the current survival tactics and techniques, i.e. control, search and handcuffing.  You will be able to apply the techniques taught in this class as a fixed-post or patrol officer

Weaponless Defense
8 Hours

Develop the skills necessary to utilize basic takedown; restraint and escape techniques, personal weapons, knife and gun take away techniques.  Proper communication and positions of advantage are strongly emphasized.

Report Writing
4-6-8 Hours

Understand the practical examples of reports used in the industry and pathways to greater skills in writing those reports

Criminal Justice & Procedures
6-8 Hours

Understand laws, enforcement agencies, enforcement powers, communication.  instruction in police policies and procedures in regards to how they deal with incidents involving security personnel.

Community Relations and Cultural Diversity
4 Hours

Learn the basis for tolerance through an understanding of history, law and public opinion relating to the security operations in a multicultural environment.

Laws of Arrest
4 Hours

Understand the fundamentals of the California Penal Code Laws of Arrest

Criminal Law
4 Hours

Learn the laws about misdemeanors, felonies, and your rights as a citizen under 837 of the California Penal Code and how it applies to security officers

2.5 Hours

Accept responsibility for your actions.  Learn why it is so important to conduct yourself in the Public Safety field with dignity, honesty, and integrity.


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